For the second time, Asia for Animals is coming to Dalian, China.

Dalian — the "Northern Pearl" and the summer resort of China, compared to ancient capital cities such as Beijing, Nanjing or Xi'an, is a young city with only 100 years history. Dalian is the most relaxed and livable city in Northeast part of China. In many parts of China, economic prosperity takes place at the price of clean air and charm. Not so in Dalian, whose natural blessings are its biggest asset. Tree-lined, hilly streets, dotted colonial architectures, an impressive coastline with beaches, as well as its prosperous town, have made it being dubbed as the "Hong Kong of the North China". It is one of the three Best Tourism Cities (2006), along with Hangzhou and Chengdu, recognized by the National Tourism Administration.


Conference Venue: Dalian International Conference Center
Address: East Renmin Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian, China

Dalian International Conference Center covers an area of 4.3 hectares, with 146,800 square meters of construction area, measuring 59 meters in height. There are total of 5 floors in the building, including an underground floor used as a garage and logistics service space. The first floor is the great hall, while the second floor is a multi-media workshop, equipment room and comprehensive service area. The third floor of the building is a multi-functional hall with a capacity of up to 1,800 people, and 6 large and medium meeting rooms. On the fourth floor, there are 26 small meeting rooms, 2 multi-functional VIP halls and 2 multi-media meeting rooms. In addition, in the central area of the second to fourth floor, there is a 1,650-seat grand theater.

COOP HIMMELB (L) AU's Dalian International Conference Center in China is winner of the Wallpaper* Design Award in the category "Best Building Sites". The magazine wallpaper belongs to the most influential international print media in the area of architecture and design, and is considered as a trendsetter in the trade among architects, designers and other creative.

As a landmark building in Dalian and the start point of the development of the city's new district, Dalian International Conference Center is situated at the southern end of Renmin Road in Donggang District. Covering a land area of 4.3 hectares, the 50-meter-tall building of Dalian International Conference Center was built with a total floor area of 146,800 square meters, with one floor underground and four floors aboveground. Under the huge shell-shaped roof, various functional bodies with complicated structures are included. The entire building seems like a miniature city, in which people are walking freely on the plaza along streets, in lanes and between houses. The building adopts a double-layered curtain wall system, while the roof uses the combination of the honeycomb panel and the vertical locking roofing system from Hunter Douglas; the decorative outer layer of the curtain wall features a combination of perforated metal panel and louvers, while the inner layer characterizes the glass curtain wall.



Conference Hotel: Hilton
Address: 1 Gangpu Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian

The Hilton Dalian (Dalian Wanda Xierdun Jiudian) is located in a business center close to the Dalian International Conference Center, 4 km (10 mins by taxi) from Dalian Railway Station. Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport is 13 km (25 mins by taxi) away.

Dalian has such nicknames as the "Soccer City" and "Home of Tracks and Field", because its soccer team has been the champion eight times in the total ten sessions of China's Class-A Soccer League. The training base for the "Ma's Army", world record-holder of women relay races is located in Dalian and Wang Junxia, the owner of the "Owens Award", is a Dalian native.


If you have any queries regarding booking your accommodation for the conference, please contact us.



Dalian is under a mild climate, cool in summer and warm in winter. You could experience four well-marked seasons here.

Dalian is located in the warm temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere with the oceanic climate; it's neither cold in winter nor hot in summer. The mean annual temperature is 10.5 and the annual precipitation is 550—950mm. The whole year sunshine duration is 2500—2800 hours. 

Dalian October average temperature is 11-18. We suggest you to bring a jacket or a sweater.

Welcome to Dalian!


All food and beverage provided as part of the conference shall be vegan.

Dalian is one of the most important aquaculture bases in China and it is rich in seafood, such as fish, shrimp, crab, cowry and algae, etc. Thus, a majority of Dalian dishes use seafood as their main ingredients.

We recommend you not to eat shelled seafood if this is the first time in Dalian. It is easy to cause diarrhea.


The best way to get hold of cash in Dalian is to bring your credit card or debit card, which you can use in various banks and shops. You can exchange most major currency at the airport or in hotels.

Visitors can exchange currency at most banks but special currency has to be exchanged at the Bank of China. The bank of China is one of China's four state-owned commercial banks. It is widely recognized and commended by its peers and customers in international settlement, foreign exchange, trade finance, etc. The Bank served as the central bank, international exchange bank and specialized foreign trade bank successively.

At the Bank of China, visitors can exchange 13 foreign currencies of Euro, Pound Sterling, U.S. Dollar, Swiss Franc, Singapore Dollar, Swedish Krona, Danish Krone, Norwegian Krone, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Philippine Peso and Thai Baht, and the currencies of Hong Kong Dollar, New Taiwan Dollar, and Macao Pataca.

Making The Most Of Your Trip


Dalian has only one international airport which is Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport. Flights can get over-booked so it is advisable to book well in advance.

Visas are required for some nationalities to travel to China for the conference. Speakers and participants are highly recommended to apply for the tourist visa (NOT BUSINESS VISA). Normally, the tourist visa application process can take up to at least 2 months, please apply it as earlier as possible to ensure your successful entry to China.

Making The Most Of Your Trip

Dalian, which is a port city, located in the southernmost tip of Liaodong peninsular. To the east lies the Yellow Sea and west the Bohai Sea. Dalian is a natural non-freezing deep-water harbor serves as a sea and land transport hub of North and South as well as one of the most important international trading ports. As a gateway of three provinces in Northeast China and Inner Mongolia, Dalian not only has an important strategic position, but also processes the gorgeous scenery.

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